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          On November 14, the "News Conference for 2019 China’s Hospital Ranking" hosted by the Hospital Management Institute of Fudan University was held in Shanghai. At the conference, the Institute officially released the 2019 China’s...
          Recently, Prof. Tu Chongqi's team from the Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor Center of West China Hospital has made another breakthrough in precision treatment, since it completed the world's first 3D-printed custom-made subtotal sacral...
          On the afternoon of October 10, at the Day Surgery Center, Associate Professor Du Zhenggui of Breast Surgery was performing breast-conserving and axillary sentinel lymph node biopsy for a breast cancer patient. With the successful...
          Recently, the research group led by Prof. Wei Qiang and Associate Professor Yang Lu of the Department of Urinary Surgery of WCH published a research paper titled Biomaterial 3D Collagen I gel Culture Model: A Novel Approach to...
          Sichuan University is getting better and better because of West China Medical Center, and West China Medical Center (WCMC) is becoming stronger and stronger due to Sichuan University. On September 29, our university held a high-le...
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