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          We invite you to explore the many reasons to work at WCSM & WCH:
          Enjoy collaboration with amazing people from the world.
          Make achievements out of challenges.
          Take advantage of great opportunities in China’s thriving medical market.
          We strive to provide a comprehensive and competitive compensation and benefits aimed at achieving the right work/life balance for our staff.
          If you are interested in working with us, please contact our Human Resources Office at:
          Tel :
          86 28 85422038
          Fax :
          86 28 85582944
          Email :
          Stay connected to West China School of Medicine, and to all alumni living and working around the world!
          We want you to be involved as we build a strong WCSM community in the region.
          Keep in touch by updating your contact information online.
          You will receive invitations to upcoming networking and professional events in your area.
          Please contact the Alumni Office
          Tel :
          86 28 85422140
          Fax :
          86 28 85582944
          Email :
          Please Scan the QR code to follow
          our official alumni account on Wechat.
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