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          WCH ranks No.1 in STEM rankings for Chinese hospitals

          On August 21, the Conference for "2019 Science and Technology Evaluation Matrics (STEM) Rankings for Chinese Hospitals " hosted by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences was held in Beijing. The 2019 STEM comprehensive ranking of Chinese hospitals and 31 specialty rankings were released at the meeting.

          West China Hospital has won the first place in the "Comprehensive List" for 7 consecutive years. In the "Discipline List", anesthesiology, nursing, urology, and emergency medicine have been ranked first; critical care medicine won the second place; neurology, psychiatry, oncology, and thoracic surgery won the third place.

          Respiratory diseases, nephrology, endocrinology and metabolic diseases won the fourth place; gastroenterology, general surgery, cardiovascular surgery won the fifth; cardiovascular diseases, neurosurgery, rheumatology and autoimmune diseases, allergology, and orthopedics ranked sixth; tuberculosis and hematology ranked seventh; and infectious diseases and dermatology ranked tenth.

          The rankings have been released for 7 consecutive years from 2014 to 2020, and received widespread attention from the society. Many mainstream media such as People's Daily Online and Xinhua Net made special reports on it. The assessment team is guided by the national science and technology policy, gathers opinions and suggestions from all walks of life on the evaluation plan and evaluation results, and continuously optimizes and refines the evaluation system.

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