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          WCH ranks second on 2019 Chinese Hospital Competitiveness Ranking List

          On August 29, at the 2020 Chinese Hospital Competitiveness Conference held in Guangzhou, GZ Asclepius Healthcare released the 2019 Chinese Hospital Competitiveness Rankings Lists, West China Hospital of Sichuan University ranked 2nd in the Top 100 Hospitals. In addition, WCH also ranked third in the 2019 China-Japan-Korea Top 100 Hospitals List, ranked second in the 2019 China-ASEAN Best 100 Hospitals List, ranked first in the Top 100 Health Management Institutions in Third Grade Class A Hospitals.

          The Chinese Hospital Competitiveness Ranking is a third-party assessment made by GZ Asclepius Healthcare, a consulting firm specialized in medical industry, with big data as the core and using the "data speaking" method. The list has been published for years and has certain influence in the industry. On the basis of this ranking, the firm's hierarchical and classified analysis and research on the hospitals are of positive significance for promoting professional hospital management and improving comprehensive competitiveness for Chinese hospitals.

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