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          WCH seeks to become the national center for medical scientific research and technology innovation. It has one State Laboratory, two ministry-level keylaboratories, one Cooperative Research Centre online system under the Ministry of Education, and 43 open laboratories. Furthermore, the Chinese Cochrane Center, the National Safety Assessment Center for New Drugs and Traditional Chinese Medicine (GLP Center), the National Center for Clinical Trials of Drugs (GCP Center for Western Medicine & Traditional Chinese Medicine), and the National Institute for Cosmetic Safety and Efficacy are all based at the hospital.
          Research Funding: [¥501 ]Million ≈ [$71] Million in 2018
          National & Provincial Grants: [500] in 2018
          [204 ]Patents in 2018
          The number of patent applications and authorizations ranked
          [No. 1 ]in the national medical institutions for 10 years in a row
          Publications: [1,483 ]SCI papers in 2018
          The number of SCI papers has been the first in China for [11] consecutive years "Good Performance" Papers Number First in China for [10] consecutive years
          Research power Ranks [No. 1] among all Chinese Medical institutions in 2018
          Nature Index
          China's Medical Institutions rank [No. 1]
          World [25th] in 2020
          List of Labs
          West China Hospital is an important national base for medical research and innovation in China. It has 9 national and 23 provincial and ministerial level research platforms. There are more than 500 full-time researchers, more than 80 clinical research laboratories, and more than 300,000 ㎡ of laboratory space, mainly distributed in the Science and Technology Park of West China Hospital, Tianfu Life Science and Technology Park, The Jitaian Center and the Xinchuan Chengdu Frontier Medical Center (under construction). Our platform has more than 1,500 faculty members and students working in the laboratory all year round.
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