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          Global Engagement
          Launched in May 2020, the University of Oxford and Sichuan University Huaxi joint Centre for Gastrointestinal Cancer seeks to develop an integrated cancer plan with a focus on gastrointestinal cancer, underpinned by high quality b...
          Project Guide | Understanding and Addressing Health and Social Challenges for Ageing 2019年度國家自然科學基金委員會與英國經濟與社會研究理事會、英國醫學研究理事會-跨學科研究項目指南 根據國家自然科學基金委員會(NSFC)與英國國家科研與創新署(UKRI)在雙年戰略會議上確定的合作內容與雙方共同組織的專家研討會所確定的合作領域,2019年國家自...
          Project Guide | 2019 Bilateral Seminar Project Guide of National Natural Science Foundation of China and British Council 項目指南 | 2019年度國家自然科學基金委員會與英國文化協會雙邊研討會項目指南 原文:http://www.nsfc.gov.cn/publish/portal0/tab442/info7...
          1. Sichuan-Hong Kong Clinical Surgery Program (6 million RMB) Partner: Surgery Department, Medical School of the Chinese University of Hong Kong West China Hospital of Sichuan University and CUHK’s medical school...
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